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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an adjuster/nurse case manager and do not have a sponsor. Can I still attend?

Yes! Our goal is to keep our association at zero cost to adjusters and nurse case managers. Simply register under the adjuster/NCM– requesting sponsorship option and we will match you with a sponsor.

I want to sponsor an adjuster or nurse case manager but am not sure how.

If you are sponsoring an attendee, you will need to register and pay under one of our general admission options with their information. The same applies if you are sponsoring or bringing a colleague.

I want to sponsor a table. What do I need to know?

Table sponsorship contributes greatly the association’s effort to keep our monthly events at no cost to adjusters and nurse case managers. If you are wanting to sponsor a table, we encourage you to bring your owns guests but can also match you with those needing sponsorship to fill your table.

I purchased a table, what’s next?

Once your purchase a table, whether 1/2 or full, please email us at with your company’s logo. We would love to help support your organization through our social media channels. If you are bringing guests with you, please provide us with their names via email as well.

I want to become an SBCA Member. What do I need to do?

There are currently two options for becoming a member of SBCA. You can sign-up within our EventBrite or you can visit our website, fill out our membership application and mail in or bring your form and payment to our next meeting.

I have registered for the event, do I need to bring my ticket?

No. We will have a registration table to get you checked in for the event and make sure you know where to sit.

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